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We try and keep you updated on all of the latest news and happenings at AIMR. Engaging our clientele is important to us. Promoting an open and honest policy, we share pertinent details with you whenever possible.

When there is a significant event going on, we will post the info here. Around the world, we attempt to understand and stay abreast of the mining and refractory industries. We will always do our best to pass this knowledge on to you.

Latest News & Events

Growth Opportunities in AMIR’s refractories section

The potential trade opportunities of AIMR’s refractories section are getting wider after adding our...

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Improving Environmental Management in Upper Egypt

We are proud to be one of the first mining companies to use its...

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AIMR extends its Asian Phosphate market

AIMR is extending with its Aswan mined phosphate rocks (Phosphorite) Its presence in the...

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AIMR Started mining operations for rock salt (Halite) deposits in Siwa, Egypt

After starting its mining operations in Siwa- Egypt, AIMR is now supplying all commercial grades...

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AIMR Acquired exclusive rights for selling Feldspar and Quartz for upper Egypt mine

AIMR has now exclusive rights for selling Feldspar and Quartz for upper Egypt mine.

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AIMR now is a selling partner for El-Nasr Mining

We’re glad to announce that AIMR is now a selling partner for El-Nasr Mining

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