numerous applications and specialized market segments

Industries ( Markets ) :

AIMR’s products are used across of wide array of industries and for numerous applications and specialized market segments. Whether residential or commercial or industrial, we have the mineral or refractory product that you need to grow and supplement your business endeavors. While by no means an extensive list, here are a few of the industries and markets we service:


Often used in water based paints, kaolin products help make paints scrub resistant, glossier...

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Used more and more often as fire codes and building code enforcement grows increasingly...

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Ceramics & Porcelain

Minerals and raw material for ceramics and porcelain industry. AIMR is an Egyptian leader...

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Agriculture & Fertilizers

Phosphate rich fertilizers are necessary for the sustained and bountiful growth of plant life....

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Used extensively in building and construction, as the world becomes more and more urbanized,...

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Iron & Steel

Meeting the world’s growing demands and increasing urbanization, producers of iron and steel are...

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Building & Construction

Of course, our world is in a constant state of change and growth. Providing...

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Winter Road Maintenance

Iced over roads present perhaps one of the greatest dangers that drivers face. Responsible...

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