Ceramics & Porcelain

Ceramics & Porcelain

The porcelain and ceramics industries are booming and thus, so is the utilization of certain types of refractory products and minerals in particular. Great for the manufacturing of tile, for example, raw kaolin has become a staple within this particular industry. Egyptian kaolin, above others has been known for its hardness and mass thereby making it ideal for various porcelain applications.


tile body, glazing, finishes, dinnerware, enamels, decorative items, petrochemical productions and even some food productions.

Porcelain and ceramic usage is only on the rise. Everyday scientist and manufacturers find revolutionary new ways to implement these products. Therefore, the amount of kaolin that will be necessary to bolster such production is only predicted to skyrocket. We have a wide variety of high quality kaolin products to meet surging demands.

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