Talc Lumps

Talc lumps

Talc is one of the softest minerals in our nature. We AIMR supply different Talc grades which fit different industries including Ceramic, Paints, Paper and Cosmetics. Through our mining and supply chain teams who carefully manage mining, sorting and shipping processes. Getting talc lumps from our Upper Egypt mines to the stocking and processing areas and then directly to our customers worldwide to enter in an everyday use products.

We supply talc as lumps to serve several industries like ceramics and glazes. Increasing their mechanical and optical properties, improving its whiteness, density, resistance and stability. On other hand it reduces their cracking, processing temperature and firing cycles.

In AIMR we crush the raw talc lumps into powder forming a high whiteness talcum powder. Which is one of the main ingredients and a corner stone in many cosmetics, creams and lotions as well as some baby powders. One more AIMR’s talc powder usage is to produce the decorative paints, industrial coating, adhesives, pigment pastes, putties and more. To serve the paints industry improving and increasing its fluidity, coverage properties, smoothness and stability.

Plastic industry strongly relies on our premium grade talc using it as filler. Talc increases the stiffness (E-Modulus) of various products like polypropylene, nylon, vinyl, polyethylene, polyester and more. Utilizing them in automotive parts, home appliances and engineering plastics. Talc also has a high thermal conductivity which helps to have faster production rates. It can also increase the heat resistance of those products resulting in reducing their shrinkage. Where the plastic is extruded in the manufacturing process, talc’s very low hardness produces less abrasion on equipment than harder mineral fillers.

Whiteness, purity and reasonable price are AIMR’s key factors which give us a competitive edge over any other talc lumps or talcum powder supplier. AIMR’s talc comes in different whiteness, Silicon dioxide SiO2, Iron Fe2O3 percentages to fit most of the industries.


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